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~ bright star: a child of his times ~

1: introduction 2: metamorphosis
3: on the road 4: bright star
5: the clear thing 6: bohemian ecstasy
7: high hopes 8: hinterland
9: dimensions 10: avatar
11: dark clouds 12: cello song
13: if only 14: lend a hand and lift me
15: doctors kill 16: forever high

~ introduction ~

Nick Drake’s music is the rare perfect legacy of a broken life with valuable lessons for all those, like Keats, who care for truth and beauty. And the message is as clear, relevant and important in 2012 as it was two generations ago. Trouble is, there’s a danger of it not being heard properly. There’s way too much speculation, mythology, fantasy and plain bollocks out there about Nick Drake – not least the half arsed investigation, shoddy inquest and shabby medico-legal conspiracy that cruelly slandered him as a “suicide”.


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